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Check Your Firewood For Hidden Bugs - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Our previous blog talked about bugs hitching a ride in to your home via a Christmas tree, only to be woken from hibernation with the surrounding warmth. Well it isn’t just Christmas trees that can transport unwanted pests in to

What’s Hiding in Your Christmas Tree? - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Christmas can be a magical time of year – glistening lights, delicious food, and some welcome time off. And when it comes to decking the halls nothing says festive more than a beautifully decorated tree, dripping with lights, tinsel, ornaments

Does a Cold Winter Mean Fewer Bugs Next Spring? - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

If you’re a lover of long cold winters then this coming season may be right up your alley, at least if weather predictions for Calgary hold true. From local to national forecasts, it seems as though we’re going to be

Preventing Mice From Entering Your Home This Fall - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

If cooler temperatures and slushy sidewalks have you scurrying indoors for warmth and security don’t be surprised if furry critters have the same idea in mind. Adjusting to the change of seasons isn’t just hard on humans. The sudden cold

Protecting Your Trees from Common Summer Insects - One Man and a Lady Bug - Calgary Pest Control and Extermination

It’s not just humans and pets that have to deal with an increased presence of bugs and insects during warm summer months; trees and shrubs are also at the mercy of hungry insects that forage on leaves, damaging both the

Ants – Possibly One of Summer’s Most Annoying Insects - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control in Calgary

Summer – a season of sunny days, warm nights, campfires, bbqs, and insects. Summer’s lazy days and nights of extended light and warmth aren’t only appreciated by humans; creatures see the sun’s rays as a sign of freedom and abundance.

From Ants and Wasps to Mosquitoes and Cockroaches, summer brings out all the big players. Bugs summertime-antics aren’t always appreciated by those inconvenienced by their presence, but many of these pests play a vital role in our ecosystem and contribute

It’s most people’s’ favourite time of year; we can feel grass beneath our feet, the sun on our face… and the bug bites on our body. It’s a bit frustrating that summertime is our only chance to be outdoors and

Wasps – probably one of the most annoying summertime pests to deal with.  On a good day, they annoy the heck out of Calgarians who are trying to relax on their deck or complete some needed yard work.On a bad

Will we pay for the incredibly warm winter by an overabundance of bug activity this summer? If you’ve turned the weather channel on at all the last few months, you’ve probably heard that all this warm air blowing off the