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Pest Control Services

Residential Pest Control Services

Dealing with pests in or around the house? Your home should be the one place where you are safe and at peace, but pest infestations can disrupt your living situation and cause distress, property damage, and even illness. Getting rid of pest infestations can seem like a lot of trouble, but thankfully the pest control experts at One Man and a Ladybug are here to help.

Commercial Pest Control Services

No matter what type of business you run, you know how important pest control is to your operation. One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. will design a program that would suit your needs by thorough inspection and treatment by specially trained and certified professionals who understand the needs of your business. Scheduled service including after hours and weekends for maximum discretion and convenience.

Tree Spraying Services

Trees and shrubs add value and beauty to your home and business. Keeping bugs off your investment will aid in their health and appearance. One Man and a Lady Bug only uses environmentally safe tree spraying for bugs.

Healthy trees, healthy environment.

Let us take care of your trees and shrubs. We provide inspections and treatments for your landscape.

Insects and rodents we can help with

From the smallest insects to the biggest rodents, One Man and a Ladybug has the tools and expertise to help you safely deal with your pest problem, at home or at work!

We want to ensure that no Calgarian has to share their space with unwanted nuisances. That’s why our services combat a wide variety of pests, including mice, gophers, ants, bees and wasps, beetles, spiders, flies, cockroaches, moths, and much more. No matter what is bugging you, One Man and a Ladybug has the environmentally friendly tools to stop pests in their tracks.

Alberta pest control at a bargain price will save you money and get rid of pests quickly.

One Man & A Ladybug is proud to carry
4 different pest control licenses

Structural Pest
Control License

Landscape Pest
Control License

Exterior Rodent
Control License

Biting Fly License

About Us

Are you experiencing little annoyances in your home, garden, place of work?

We can control all of your pesky problems!

We control all insects, rodents and tree spraying services. We specialize in one-time applications as well as continued preventative maintenance programs. Our trained and licensed technicians are at your service seven days a week. To maintain a healthy environment we use only environmentally responsible techniques in treatment of applications for insect and rodent control we can design the right program that suits your unique situation. Our staff is qualified and educated for evaluating the treatment for your problem. Our company has successfully been operating in Calgary and area for over 20 years. Safety comes first, and we aim to please our customers with full satisfaction of service. Pests are just that, PESTS. Sooner the problem is identified the quicker we can help you return to a healthy pest free environment. Damage control for your trees and shrubs can return your horticulture to a healthy state saving you money, time and energy!
Reasons to choose pest control services from One Man & A Ladybug in Calgary:
When you choose the pest control services at One Man & A Ladybug in Calgary, you get effective, customized, and environmentally responsible pest control solutions from a team of experienced professionals.


As proud Calgarians, the team at One Man and a Ladybug is more than happy to do our part for the community and support the various initiatives that help Calgary youth and families in need.
When it comes to resilience and community spirit, no other city can compare to Calgary. That’s why One Man and a Ladybug is committed to upholding the values and beliefs that strengthens our city. Beyond just being your go-to for pest control services, the One Man and a Ladybug crew are also your neighbours and friends, and we all take pride in our community.


Angie Naimi of One Man and a Ladybug is proud to support the Calgary Public Library and it’s great initiatives to provide new programs and services in our community. That’s why we’ve purchased a half window with My Library Window at the New Central Library.  We are proud to invest in the potential and the future of all Calgarians!


It’s all for one and one for all in this city, and that’s why One Man and a Ladybug donates to CJAY’s Wish Fund for struggling families in Calgary. Through this initiative, kids and their families all over the city receive the help and communal love they need. We believe that it’s important to support one another in times of need, and we’re happy to help out even one family.

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Testimonials About Our Pest Control Company in Calgary

Forgot to leave a review back in the summer - they were great and will definitely be my first call for any future issues.
M Callihoo
M Callihoo
They were amazing!!! Turns out we had many more nests than we thought and they were able to do everything at once and were able to come quickly as well. I highly recommend them
Amelie Pare
Amelie Pare
Great company
Mike Logue
Mike Logue
One Man and a Lady bug has been working with our school since 2010. Usually helping us with the mice, and occasionally with some wasps nests. Thank-you to Angie.
Jared Adharsingh
Jared Adharsingh
We have been using One Man and a Ladybug for years. They are always willing to work around our operating hours and take care of our pest problems. Keep up the good work!
Uptown Bottle Depot
Uptown Bottle Depot
They eliminated my wasp problem in one go! They also have extremely fair and reasonable prices. They guarantee the work they come for, so if the wasp problem wasn’t eliminated the first time, they would come back for free to spray again, luckily we didn’t need to call them to come back again! We used a larger company the year prior for a wasp issue, and that larger company was $52.50 more expensive, and they had to come back three times to eliminate the issue. One Man and a Ladybug, I felt, took a lot more time inspecting the issue, and took more time to carefully spray around the area. I really appreciated how they also took the time to explain to us what they were doing. They also called us a week after to check in, but I completely forgot to call back to respond to their voicemail, so hopefully they read this review!! Loved their great customer service, great service, and great prices!
Naomi Lee
Naomi Lee
Excellent service. I've used them many times over the years for wasp nests & ants.
sue humphries
sue humphries
Over the years we have nothing but good things to say about the One Man and a Ladybug team. They have helped us take care of ants, mice, wasps etc. and each time it was handled with the upmost professionalism and friendliness. They provide reasonable/affordable pricing and were quick to take care of the job. Nothing but great results! Would for sure recommend to anyone looking for a pest control company. Huge thanks once again for your prompt and professional service!
Sarah French
Sarah French
Our building (Sierras West) has been using this company for quite a few years now. We very happy and satisfied with them and how pest free our building is. When we have had special concerns, they have responded in a timely and professional manner. And to boot, they are a local company contributing to our community!
Azim Bhatia
Azim Bhatia

FAQs About Professional Pest Control

Hiring a local pest control company offers advantages such as expertise in identifying and treating specific pest infestations, access to professional-grade equipment and pesticides, and ongoing maintenance plans to prevent future infestations.
A pest control company offers services to identify, control, and prevent pest infestations in homes, businesses, and other facilities. Ladybug pest control begins with an inspection to assess the extent of the problem and then develops a customized treatment plan using a combination of methods such as traps, baits, pesticides, and exclusion techniques. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance can also be provided to ensure long-term pest control.
You can order pest control services in Calgary, AB by calling (403) 262-1666.
Homeowners can identify the need for pest control services by noticing signs like droppings, gnaw marks, or unusual odors, and by observing pests themselves in or around their property.
Common pests that pest control companies in Canada deal with include rodents like mice and rats, insects such as bed bugs and termites, as well as nuisance wildlife like raccoons and squirrels.
A typical pest control treatment involves several steps. First, a thorough inspection of the property is conducted to identify the type and extent of the pest problem. Based on the inspection findings, a customized treatment plan is developed, which may include the use of baits, traps, pesticides, or other control methods. The treatment is then applied according to the plan, targeting areas where pests are present or likely to enter. After the initial treatment, follow-up visits may be scheduled to monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and make any necessary adjustments.