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Keep Pests Out Before Winter
Pest prevention before winter sets in is particularly important as bugs and rodents will try and cozy up with you before the cold fully settles.
How to Tell the Good Bugs from the Bad
Would it surprise you to know that a good 90% of insects are actually harmless and some are even helpful? Here’s how you can tell the difference
Having a pest-free home shouldn’t come at the cost of your health or your family’s health, including that of your pets! Is pest control actually safe for pets?

If you own or rent a home or you work in an office, you likely have worried about or come into contact with a pest. While it might seem easiest to call in the folks with the biggest guns to

The quick melting to freezing temperatures over the past month has made it a difficult trek for longer commuters, even just the drive to the grocery store felt treacherous on some of that ice! This thaw can also affect our

Keep Your Pantry Pest-Free

Dealing with a pest infestation is awful, but dealing with one that happens to originate from your pantry seems to feel even worse! Having pests in close contact with our food makes us squirm, so we’ve come up with a

A Guide To Roaches - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Company - Featured Image

It’s really no surprise that roaches are one of the most abhorred creepy crawlies when it comes to house invaders. They spread germs and smell awful and once you have a roach call your home or office theirs, it’s extremely

COVID-19 is in Alberta and continuing to spread. With that being said, One Man & A Ladybug would like to inform its clients that health and safety is our number one priority. Not only for our clients, but also for

At One Man & A Ladybug, we take great pride in the quality of our work. It’s that dedication to excellent service that granted us a space on the list of 10 Best Pest Control Services in Calgary. In our

The One Man & a Ladybug team is proud to show the half window purchased by our own Angie Naimi at the New Central Library!  With so many fantastic opportunities to provide new programs and services in our community, we’re