Natural Hacks For a Bug-Free Summer

Natural Hacks For a Bug-Free Summer - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Love summer, but hate sharing your yard with thousands of bugs that just seem to be lurking everywhere you go? No need to call in the big guns yet, as every homeowner has some tricks at their fingertips for keeping bugs at bay during warmer days and evenings. If you’re thinking “what tricks?”, there are
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Over 60 Critters Featured on Alberta’s Pest List

According to a recent story on CBC Calgary: “Alberta Fish and Wildlife has compiled a list, which includes 60 animals from pigeons to bats to sparrows to white-tailed jackrabbits that conservation officers and biologists make the list based on pest populations. If an animal is classified as a pest then no licence is needed to remove
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Tree Spraying in Calgary

Not all bugs that are seen lounging on leaves and branches are there to cause harm to your trees.  Some play a vital role in maintaining a healthy environmental balance and are advantageous to your yards overall health.  But then there’s the flip side of the coin that involves the uninvited and unwanted presence of
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Are Ants Wrecking Your Summer?

Calgary Pest Control Experts – One Man and a Ladybug – get a lot of calls at this time of year regarding ant activity in yards and homes. Why are ants a summertime nuisance? Well interestingly ants and bears have something in common – and it’s not their size. Both species spend the winter months
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50,000 Honeybees Found in a Kitchener Home

How would you react to finding out there were 50,000 honeybees living in your walls? A homeowner in Kitchener found out earlier this week when she discovered that around 50,000 bees had been living in her walls. “‘We saw bees going in an out of the eavestrough and we wondered what was going on,” said
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