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Rodents – Residential

While many people might consider them to be cute, rodents such as mice and gophers are a hazard to any residential property. Whether they are in your yard or in your home, rodents can wreak havoc for Calgarians.

There are numerous hazards that a rodent infestation poses to your home and your family. Not only will mice attempt to forage for food in your cupboards, but infestations can also lead to property damage as they gnaw at electrical wires, drywall, furniture, and more. Rodents, such as gophers, will also cause damage to your yard and general landscape by burrowing in the ground and creating extensive and destructive tunnels and holes that can result in broken ankles.

Rodents are also common carriers of various diseases that pose health risks to you and your family. Whether they are contaminating your food, leaving undesirable droppings, or carrying fleas, living too closely with rodents can result in someone contracting Lyme disease, rat bite fever, or even Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS).

Concerns about residential rodent control are especially prominent in the winter, particularly with mice, once the rodents have scouted for warmer spaces with reliable food sources to move into. And thanks to a rapid breeding cycle, it is incredibly difficult to get rid of an infestation once only a few mice have made themselves at home.

If you’ve found a rodent infestation on your residential property, contact One Man and a Ladybug. Our friendly Calgary pest control experts have the experience and tools needed to safely combat an infestation threatening your home.

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