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Check Your Firewood For Hidden Bugs

Check Your Firewood For Hidden Bugs - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

Our previous blog talked about bugs hitching a ride in to your home via a Christmas tree, only to be woken from hibernation with the surrounding warmth. Well it isn’t just Christmas trees that can transport unwanted pests in to a home or building – firewood also has a reputation for hiding certain bugs that can easily emerge from a stack of wood and ease their way across your living room floor. Being aware of the potential bugs lurking in firewood can make the difference in preventing annoying bugs from taking over.

Common Insects Living in Firewood

Beetles are common inhabitants of cut firewood – often found nestled under bark and deeper inside the wood. Though you may not notice obvious signs of insect activity, doesn’t mean the wood isn’t housing larvae that can emerge as adults – up to two years after the wood was initially cut. The boring beetle leaves the tell-tale sign of a meandering path throughout the wood – something that should alert you to their presence. And if it isn’t beetles nestling in to logs that are destined for a roaring fire it may well be carpenter ants that have tucked themselves deep within the protective layers of wood – poised to leave their home to check out the warmth of yours.

How To Avoid Bringing Insects Into Your Home

Interestingly, moisture is something that attracts most insects as it provides a source of sustenance they desperately need. Wet wood is a major attractor to insects as their chances of survival increase dramatically when surrounded by moisture. Knowing this – first step is to ensure firewood is as dry as can possibly be – as this makes it less attractive to insects. Cutting firewood in to smaller pieces so that more is exposed to air will help ensure that wood dries out fast. Storing firewood outside off the ground and covered by a tarp is probably one of the best ways to minimize insects’ accessibility to wood and to maintain a certain level of dryness. Only bring wood in to the home that you plan on burning that day – having piles of wood sitting around the living room gives insects time to work their way in to your living space.

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