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Preventing Mice From Entering Your Home This Fall

Preventing Mice From Entering Your Home This Fall - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

If cooler temperatures and slushy sidewalks have you scurrying indoors for warmth and security don’t be surprised if furry critters have the same idea in mind. Adjusting to the change of seasons isn’t just hard on humans. The sudden cold creates panic in the fluffy creatures that have just spent the past six months languishing on lawns and feeling the heat of the sun on their back. As we prepare and adjust to fall and winter months, many Canadians notice certain critters trying to sneak into our homes too. Mice in particular may attempt to survive the cold months by hiding out in basements, attics, and garages.

Why You Need To Be On the Lookout For Mice?

If you’re thinking that we give mice a bad rap and are constantly harping-on about this furry little critter, we have good reason.  Mice aren’t just annoying; they also pose a health hazard to humans due to the viruses and bacteria they (and their droppings) carry. Having mice in your home or business doesn’t just translate to having unwanted mouse poop and chewed up boxes, it can become a potentially dangerous environment for human and family pet health. And if worrying about our health wasn’t enough, having mice scurrying around our homes also brings unwanted issues caused by chewed electrical wires, damage to drywall, and the destruction of insulation. When you spot one mouse you can guarantee that seven others are lurking nearby, and they’re ready to chew through whatever stands in the way of a warm, cozy fall and winter.

Keeping Mice Out

The problem with keeping mice out of your home is that they hardly need a wide-open door to gain entrance. If there’s a crack or opening even just half a centimeter wide – they’re getting in and quickly taking over. Many homeowners worry about mice entering the ‘main’ home and eating through boxes of cereals and flour, but the reality is that most mice prefer running around in the garage, chewing through old newspapers and cables, and loving the fact that they’re not being bothered by family pets or anxious owners.

The truth is that mice are opportunists who will gain access in a heartbeat and set up home without an invitation. And like rabbits, mice breed quickly and can soon takeover a space. Their droppings and presence can make people and pets sick, so it’s important not to leave these unexpected guests unattended to.

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