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Commercial Pest Control in Calgary

No matter what type of business you run, you know how important pest control is to your operation. One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. will design a program that would suit your needs by thorough inspection and treatment by specially trained and certified professionals who understand the needs of your business. Scheduled commercial pest control service including after hours and weekends for maximum discretion and convenience. Identification of the sources of pest infestations with treatment focused these sources. Installation, maintenance and status reporting of rodent control devices. Treatment and monitoring of insects. Documentation and support for health inspectors and other government officials. Training programs for your staff.

Why Do You Need Commercial Pest Control?

Commercial pest control is essential for several reasons:

Pest control in Calgary is a proactive measure that protects public health and safety, preserves property and assets, ensures regulatory compliance, protects reputation, and contributes to long-term business cost savings.

Commercial Pest Control Services

One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. delivers innovative pest solutions to clients throughout the Calgary and area. Our integrated pest management approach has been instrumental in establishing One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. Our efforts are concentrated on dramatically reducing the use of pesticides and employing environmentally sound methods of pest control, while delivering the most effective solutions. We are committed to preventing the natural ecology of our region and protecting the health and property of our clients.

One Man & A Ladybug specializes in tailoring bespoke commercial pest management programs to meet the specific requirements of various businesses. Our customized solutions cater to a diverse range of establishments, including:

By capitalizing on the latest advances in pest control and by delivering consistent, reliable service. Our highly trained team takes an out of the box approach to pest control and focus on providing our clients with exceptional service.

Client satisfaction is our top priority and this is evidenced by our commitment to each and every account.

Commercial Pest Control Company

One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. finds that success is a direct result of our investment in building strong teams. We actively teach our clients and provide them with an extraordinary amount of information that far exceeds most expectations. By engaging our clients with information and delivering quality service, One Man and a Ladybug Ltd. has maintained steady growth and will continue to be successful.

Benefits of One Man & A Ladybug commercial pest control services:

You can order commercial pest control in Calgary today by calling our phone number: (403) 262-1666.

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