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Which Bugs Can You Expect to See This Summer?

From Ants and Wasps to Mosquitoes and Cockroaches, summer brings out all the big players. Bugs summertime-antics aren’t always appreciated by those inconvenienced by their presence, but many of these pests play a vital role in our ecosystem and contribute to the health and beauty of our yards. Having an appreciation for the role they play can make it easier to live side-by-side, unless that pest has snuck into your home and is ruining your summer — then anything is fair game.

House Flies

Nobody likes flies. They’re right up next to mosquitoes for summertime annoyances. And chances are you’re only encountering mosquitoes when you venture outside — unlike flies who claim your home and turn it into a buzzing, darting, swatting arena. Keeping flies out of your life means being diligent about removing and cleaning up what they’re looking for: sugary substances to feed-on in preparation for laying eggs.  And lay eggs they do — flies can reproduce incredibly quickly, so controlling their numbers as soon as you first spot them is important.  It doesn’t have to be a costly endeavour to keep flies out of your house; investing in a cheap swatter to have on-hand is a great place to start.

Ticks – Better Watch Out for Them

Our Calgary Pest Control experts at One Man and a Lady Bug know that ticks are a big concern to people during summer months, and it’s not just humans who are at risk of illness from a tick bite — the family pet is also a target for this pest. Ticks are happy to nip into Fido and hitch a ride home. Though your dog can’t transmit tick related illnesses to humans, ticks can move from one host to another. This means that though Fido may be bringing ticks home, it doesn’t mean they won’t move to another pet — or human. Checking your pet for lumps is an important step in keeping them tick free. And don’t forget to ask your vet for a preventative measure.

Our technicians at One Man and a Ladybug want you to enjoy the lazy hazy days of summer – without having to worry about mosquitoes, ticks, wasps, or flies. If you’re plagued by summertime bugs, call the experts at this Calgary Pest Control firm today (403) 262-1666