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Protecting Your Trees from Common Summer Insects

Protecting Your Trees from Common Summer Insects - One Man and a Lady Bug - Calgary Pest Control and Extermination

It’s not just humans and pets that have to deal with an increased presence of bugs and insects during warm summer months; trees and shrubs are also at the mercy of hungry insects that forage on leaves, damaging both the health and beauty of a yard. Calgary’s blooming canopies of trees give the city a blast of colour while also providing shade for picnics and reprieve during a light summer shower. All the while, trees help to clean the air, slow the evaporation of water, and provide oxygen to those who live around them. Trees don’t just mark the change of seasons; they reveal the vitality of yards and parks and also alert us to lurking insects that can quickly cause significant damage to greenery.

Signs of Tree-Loving Insects

Trees aren’t only popular amongst homeowners; there are plenty of insects out there that just love to spend time in, on, and around all variety of trees. From the Tent Caterpillar to the common Aphid – trees are constantly at risk for some form of infestation that can strip them of their leaves and life. Signs a tree may be battling insects include curled leaves, leaves chewed down to the veins, premature falling of leaves, coverage of silky webs, and stunted growth. Each insect will prompt different signs indicating its infestation and cause varying symptoms of tree disease.

Protecting Trees from Insect Infestation

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination technicians at One Man and a Ladybug are passionate about the health of trees and shrubs. We provide environmentally-friendly tree spraying to control bug and insect activity. We focus on creating a balance between the need to protect the health of trees while acknowledging the role bugs play in the ecosystem. Our certified technicians are able to diagnose, treat, and monitor tree problems quickly and effectively. If ignored, an insect or bug infestation can spread to other trees and shrubs, damaging foliage and destroying the beauty of a yard. Quick intervention not only reduces the risk of an infestation spreading but protects the beauty and value of a home.

If you’re noticing swarms of ants around trees or a sticky ‘honeydew’ like residue on leaves, contact the team at One Man and a Ladybug today at  (403) 262.1666, and ask about our monthly specials.