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Fly Control – Commercial

An influx of flies is a bad look for any business. It gives potential customers the impression that the location is unsanitary, and that the quality of goods and service is likely to match the underwhelming hygiene standards. At the very least, flies are a frustrating distraction to customers and to workers.

On a more concerning note, flies are capable of spreading numerous diseases and illnesses, usually by contaminating the food. Some of the diseases that flies are known to spread include salmonella, myiasis, and shigellosis. To avoid the risk of illness, it’s important to have the fly infestation dealt with promptly.

One of the most common flies that you’ll have to contend with are fruit flies, usually found during summer and in fermenting fruit. While small and benign, they can quickly grow into a nuisance due to a rapid breeding and maturation cycle—in fact, it only takes a few days for the eggs to become adults! We’re also no stranger to house flies in Calgary, which like to make a home in decaying organic material. An important part of controlling fly infestations involves correcting the problem at the source of their breeding.

Don’t let a horde of flies take over your business and scare away your customers. Contact One Man and a Ladybug if you need help controlling a fly infestation in the workplace.

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