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Wasps – Commercial

Who enjoys sharing space with wasps? Not your clientele or employees, you can be sure. Once you have an infestation of wasps in your business or commercial building, fear of being stung can drive everyone out of the building even if many species of wasps are docile unless threatened.

Whether or not you have an aggressive species of wasp hanging around your building, it’s important to ensure that everyone is safe from the infestation. Even without the painful stings, about 1-3% of the population is allergic to wasp stings. Wasp and bee allergy reactions can result in 50-100 deaths per year, sometimes within the hour of being stung. For the safety and comfort of employees and clientele, it’s best to have the wasp infestation dealt with promptly.

Before taking the wasp infestation to task, we’ll first need to identify the species of wasp you are dealing with in order to best understand the scope of the issue. Wasp species are either social or solitary, which can define the scale of the threat that the infestation poses to you.

At One Man and a Ladybug, we can help you identify the species of wasp you are contending with and ensure that it is safely removed from the premises with little disruption to your business. Put the safety and comfort of your employees and customers first and contact us today.

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