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Insect Control

When it comes to insect control for your trees and shrubbery, you’ll want to bring in the right kind of experts for an inspection. Trees are home to many different kinds of insects, some of which are pests, and others that are actually beneficial. Many insects are important to the health of your trees and the surrounding ecosystem, so it’s important to distinguish between them and the pests.

With a pest control expert at your side, you can ensure that your tree treatments do not accidentally eliminate the beneficial insects while ensuring that the pests are taken care of. Whether you’re struggling with insects that chew away all the leaves, bore through roots and stem, or suck out the liquids running through the leaves and twigs, know that One Man and a Ladybug is here to help you control this infestation.

All of the chemicals that we use for insect control are safe and environmentally friendly. Let us help you keep your trees happy and health for years to come, and contact us today to learn more about pest control for trees.

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