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Summer Weather Brings Bug Problems

It’s most people’s’ favourite time of year; we can feel grass beneath our feet, the sun on our face… and the bug bites on our body.  It’s a bit frustrating that summertime is our only chance to be outdoors and enjoy the warmth, but it also means dealing with a crazy bug season. It makes sense though. Summers in Alberta are short, so the pests are trying to get their fair share of warmer days —  by inching into your yard and home, thanks open patio door. Just like us, Calgary’s bugs are making the most of the warm days and nights, even if it means pestering home and business owners.

Bugs You May See This Summer

At the top of the list of bugs-you’ll-probably-see-a-fair-amount-of is the local Mosquito. Known to ruin backyard bbqs and cause bites so bad that some people seek medical attention, the mosquito is truly hated by all thanks to blood-sucking behaviour and disease-carrying antics.  This winged bug isn’t only annoying, but in certain cases, can also pose health concerns. So what can you do to reduce your contact with mosquitoes this summer? Remove all stagnant water. If there’s one thing this bug needs to survive: it’s water. Female mosquitoes need it to lay eggs, but they only require a few inches of depth. Keeping your property free from standing water is your biggest defence in avoiding ‘skeeter encounters.

A is for Ants – Your Summer Pest

July is the month for the Calgary Stampede — and ants!  Though this tiny creature can’t really do much harm to humans, they sure can cause a problem around the home and yard. They destroy turf thanks to their hill-building antics and enter our homes through microscopic openings to take up residence in pantries, cupboards, or any place other close to sustenance. A big attractor of ants is sticky, sugary residues left on countertops after cutting water melons, strawberries, and other fruits of the season. Any drop of ice-cream or a sticky jam-jar will have ants scurrying to the kitchen, sending a signal back to the colony that dessert is being served.

Bees and Wasps – Don’t Get Stung    

Our previous blogs have highlighted the habits of wasps and bees and the dangers that come from having a nest or hive close to your home. Controlling wasps and bees’ means removing their nest. This should not be attempted by an amateur as these delicate looking homes hold thousands of potential stings, so the removal of a nest is potentially dangerous — even deadly — to a novice remover. Our team at One Man and a Ladybug recommends calling in professional pest removers when it comes to handling any sort of nest, as creatures feel most threatened and become aggressive when their home is under attack.

Nobody likes dealing with creepy-crawly pests in their home, and with our help, you don’t have to. If your Calgary home is under attack from pests, call in the pest control experts at One Man a Ladybug today! And check our next blog for more summertime bug information.