Pest Control of all Insects and Rodents
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A vole is eating a raspberry.

Have you heard of a rodent capable of doing damage to lawns, trees, and gardens? Do you know about the furry, sneaky, critters that are hard to spot and like to eat your plants? Read on to learn what a

A maple bug on a leaf, finding food to eat.

They are crawly! They are creepy! They are everywhere! Alberta homeowners are facing a pesky pest, the maple bug. Read on to discover what maple bugs eat and learn effective solutions to keep your property and home free of these

pest control takes care of wasps nest on roofline

As the weather warms and spring flowers bloom, bees, hornets, and wasps become more active. These busy little critters are critical to the pollination of crops and prey on pesky bugs. However, they can be edgy and territorial, creating conflict

Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions for Earth Day

Earth Day was established on April 22, 1970. Inspired by the environmental activism of the 1960s, Senator Gaylor Nelson and graduate student Denis Hayes organized the first Earth Day celebration. Since then, millions of people from all walks of life

Ant Infestation

With spring approaching, it’s time to talk about ant infestations. There are 93 species of ants in Alberta! Since ants become more active in spring, it’s important to recognize early signs of an infestation and learn how to deal with

how to control pests in the garden

As the snow melts and the days lengthen, your mind may wander to the fast-approaching time when you can pop seeds into fertile soil and transplant hardy little sets in rows. However, memory may remind you that with the burgeoning

rodents in winter

As temperatures drop, we dig out cozy sweaters, don fuzzy slippers or socks, fire up the tea kettle and hot chocolate pot, and spend time near the fireplace. We get warm and cozy. Like us, rodents love to get warm

Common Valentine's Day Pests

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You plan an ideal date. You pick a great outfit, prepare a delicious meal, light candles, and choose mood music. Everything is perfect! But before your sweetheart arrives, other unwanted guests appear. Don’t let your

As the New Year unfolds, we all naturally embark on our resolutions. While many focus on personal well-being or professional achievements, it’s equally essential to consider the health and safety of your living space. One often-overlooked aspect of home maintenance

Winter Pest Prevention

As winter descends and the chill sets in, many of us rejoice at the disappearance of flying insects that plagued our summer evenings. Mosquitoes, flies, and wasps seem to vanish, providing a reprieve from their stings and bites. However, the

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