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Disease Management

Have you noticed any suspicious spots, growths, or coatings on your tree leaves and branches? These, among many other signs, are symptoms of various tree diseases, meaning that you need to take necessary measures to revitalize the health of your trees and property.

Tree diseases are usually the result of fungal or bacterial infections or of environmental strain such as air pollution, drought, or extreme temperatures. There are numerous tree diseases to watch out for, and they are sometimes tricky to diagnose due to many diseases exhibiting similar symptoms. Correctly diagnosing the disease is necessary in order to determine the most successful management method.

Fortunately, there are several symptoms that that even a hobbyist botanist should be able to spot. You’ll be able to tell when you have leaf rust and leaf spot disease, caused by fungi, by orange and red discolourations that disrupt the tree’s photosynthesis. Powdery mildew, also fungal, is known as a white coating on leaf surfaces which can deform leaves. Galls, caused by fungal, bacterial, or insect infections, are swollen growths along the tree. Similar to a wart, galls can occur on branches or leaves, and they’re easy to spot.

Whatever disease is ruining the health and the aesthetics of your tree and landscape, One Man and a Ladybug is happy to diagnose, treat, and manage any tree disease. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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