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As temperatures drop, we dig out cozy sweaters, don fuzzy slippers or socks, fire up the tea kettle and hot chocolate pot, and spend time near the fireplace. We get warm and cozy. Like us, rodents love to get warm

Winter is a rough and harsh season not just on us and the animals, but on the trees too! The intensity of our Alberta winters affects all parts of the tree, from the leaves or foliage right down to the

Keep Pests Out Before Winter
Pest prevention before winter sets in is particularly important as bugs and rodents will try and cozy up with you before the cold fully settles.
Overwintering Pests

The cooler weather is back and here to stay and that means we’re pulling our coats, boots, mitts, hats and scarves from the back of the closet and moving them to the front. While we apply layers, those pests that

During the cooler fall and winter months, it’s not uncommon for a home or businesses to become a sanctuary where pests can wait out cold weather and diminishing food supplies. In our previous blogs we’ve explained the tenacity of pests

If you’re thinking that Pest Control in Calgary’s winter is a waste of money – think again. Our long, chilly season makes us search for warmer climates, and winter pests are no different, only it’s your home and business they’re

Our past blogs have highlighted some pest control issues that arise during winter months in Calgary – and the presence of mice is a pest control issue that plagues many homes and businesses at this time of year. One Man

It isn’t hard to believe that winter months see an increase of pest control issues inside homes. So far this season Calgary’s winter has proven to be very snowy and cold – to the point where even we don’t want

…but what’s lurking in your stacked firewood? We’ve mentioned in our past blogs that bugs have amazing survival instincts and will do whatever it takes to survive cold winter temperatures – and that includes hiding out in stacks of winter

Now that cooler temperatures are upon us, it’s time to give some attention to the potential for pest concerns in Calgary over the winter months. No longer focused on wasp infestations and fruit fly irritation – Calgary Pest Management company