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Pharaoh Ants Surviving Winter in Your Calgary House

It isn’t hard to believe that winter months see an increase of pest control issues inside homes.  So far this season Calgary’s winter has proven to be very snowy and cold – to the point where even we don’t want to venture outside.  For your typical pest, Calgary winters prove difficult to deal with – so hiding out in homes and offices becomes a perfect winter refuge.  Pharaoh ants can be a regular site in Calgary during winter and Pest Control Companies are often utilized to handle this annoying little critter.

Pharaoh Ants are small with yellow colored bodies and red and black markings on their abdomens.  Typically found in food areas (think kitchens and cafeterias) these tiny pests are lured by artificial forms of heat, tight spaces to hide out in, and sustenance to see them through the winter.  This variety of ant will feed on most things, including other dead insects, but they do have a sweet tooth and will make for counter tops with remnants of honey, sugar, and other sweet sticky substances.   

Calgary Pest Management Team – One Man and a Lady Bug – are familiar with the behaviour of Pharaoh Ants and recommend that the first step in preventing an uninvited visit from this pest is to ensure that kitchen and food storage areas are squeaky clean – with no trace of crumbs or other food debris.  Signs you are dealing with an infestation of Pharaoh Ants will be clear as you will notice a trail of amber moving along baseboards, walls and counters.  These pests will often gather in garbage receptacles, moving in a chain up the sides of a trash can.

What to do if you suspect you have an infestation of Pharaoh Ants? Start by removing all potential food sources – that includes throwing out any and all food that you suspect they may have been hiding out in.  The next step would be to call one of Calgary’s Pest Control Firms to come on-site and assess the situationTurning to the expertise of a Pest Management Firm in Calgary means that areas of your home or business that you wouldn’t think to check for pests will be evaluated and treated accordingly.  Hot water pipes, electrical outlets, cracks and crevices are all perfect hide-out spots and a Calgary Pest Control Team will zero in on these areas – while you get to relax.

If you suspect you are dealing with a pest infestation in Calgary – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today.

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+