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Winter Days Bring Roaring Fires…

…but what’s lurking in your stacked firewood? We’ve mentioned in our past blogs that bugs have amazing survival instincts and will do whatever it takes to survive cold winter temperatures – and that includes hiding out in stacks of winter firewood only to be inadvertently carried indoors – it’s not uncommon to find wood-boring pests like carpenter-ants seeking shelter against the elements in a pile of firewoodAnd though Calgary Pest Management Companies are busy in winter months handling infestations of mice, spiders and maple-bugs, they still have time to provide some tips on how to keep bugs away from your home and business.

One Man and a Ladybug is a Calgary Pest Control Company that always has time to address clients concerns regarding existing and potential pest concerns.  Focusing on providing effective preventative steps that keep unwanted bugs at bay; this environmentally conscious team is available for on-site evaluations and Pest Management solutions. And for keeping bugs that may be living in stacks of firewood out of your home there are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Keep stacked firewood away from your house – stacking wood that may be harboring wood-boring bugs close to your house is practically inviting trouble to your door – if you’re not sure about the health of your firewood, keep it away from your home’s doors and windows.
  2. Keep firewood off the ground so that pooling moisture that attracts bugs does not become an issue.
  3. Don’t stack firewood beside or under trees as lurking bugs can decide to spread to the bark of the trees – causing disease and destruction.
  4. Only bring firewood indoors when you’re ready to burn it.  Keeping stacks of firewood inside may be introducing bugs like carpenter-ants in to your home.
  5. Always clean off any obvious bug activity before bring firewood inside.  If you notice any spiders – brush them off so you don’t invite trouble.
  6. Always buy local firewood.  Wood that is unique to your area will eliminate bringing any ‘foreign’ pests or diseases in to your area.

Pest Control Companies want you to stay warm and cozy this winter – without the added headache of unwanted pests and bugs.  If you suspect that you may have a pest issue in your home, business or yard – contact One Man and a Ladybug today 403.262.1666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+