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Calgary Pest Control: How To Keep Unwanted Guests Out

During the cooler fall and winter months, it’s not uncommon for a home or businesses to become a sanctuary where pests can wait out cold weather and diminishing food supplies.  In our previous blogs we’ve explained the tenacity of pests to survive harsh conditions – even if it means taking up residence in your attic, basement, or storage room.

Calgary’s Pest Management experts – One Man and a Lady Bug – invest time and energy in bringing awareness to home and business owners of simple steps to take to prevent unwanted pests from invading structures, causing damage, and creating havoc.  By strengthening a structure’s vulnerable spots – pests are forced to move on and seek alternate places for shelter.  Wondering what steps can be taken to keep furry pests on the outside?

Windows and door frames with soft spots and openings are an easy entry for mice, ants and spiders.  Walk around the inside and outside of your home and check that weather stripping is fittingly tightly around doors and windows and that sills and frames have no sign of gnawing.  Filling little gaps and cracks will not only prevent pest infestation – but help improve the insulation of your home throughout winter.

Roofs may be out of sight – but they often present easy access to attics due to loose tiles and soffits.  Add some low hanging tree branches and you have the perfect highway in to your home for squirrels, bats, and nesting birds.  The first line of defense is to cut back tree branches and repair any holes or openings in the roof.  Having a Pest Control Technician evaluate your property means that a trained eye checks all vulnerable spots and ensures that your own physical safety isn’t compromised by climbing ladders and cutting down branches – turning to a Calgary Pest Management company to screen your property allows you to relax inside while the experts do the work – including having chimneys and vents checked for pest infestation.

Cracks and crevices in the foundation become an easy target for winter pests to enter a property – and mice love to cozy up to foundation cracks, and enjoy the leaking heat coming from pipes.   As soon as temperatures start to drop pests detect heat spots – so make sure you seal all foundation cracks to keep the heat in, and pests out.

One Man and a Lady Bug is a Calgary Pest Control Firm that specializes in both residential and commercial pest issues, along with landscape pest control.  For a pest evaluation of your home or business – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today – monthly specials offered – 403.262.1666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+