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How To Keep Pests From Moving In Before Winter

Keep Pests Out Before Winter

Protecting your house from pests is something that anyone who has had to deal with a previous pest problem puts at the top of their seasonal to-do lists because they recognize the risk of “just a little pest issue” and how it can quickly turn into a full-blown infestation. Pest prevention before winter sets in is particularly important as bugs and rodents will try and cozy up with you before the cold fully settles. The last thing you want is a Halloween full of pests, so here’s what you can do to keep pests from moving in before winter!

Top of the Castle

We can sometimes forget how itty bitty pests are and how easy it can be for them to access our homes. An entry zone we often overlook is the roof and our gutter systems. Fill any cracks and nooks around the eavestrough, including where it attaches to the home and underneath. Caulking can work for thinner cracks, but anything bigger than a dime should be filled with copper or steel wool as mice can wiggle their way in. It’s impressive how small of a hole or a crevice a mouse can squeeze through and they’ve very annoying to have in the attics and the walls. Hire a professional to take a look at your roof if you’re not comfortable with heights.

Utility and Piping Patching

The piping and utility hookups on our homes, if not properly insulated and patched, can be a fabulous entry point for pests to join you indoors. Try to choose environmentally friendly caulking and insulating products to help keep you and your family safe, along with your pets and the environment. Be generous in filling the nooks and crannies and don’t be afraid of overdoing it, you’re preventing pest infestations after all.

Keep your home clean and dry and pests will have so much less reason to invade. Be watchful of areas in your home that are exposed to a lot of moisture, including under sinks, in corners of the bathrooms and in some basements or attics. Switch your storage methods to air-tight containers for all dry food and pantry items, including things like pet food, spices, flours and rice. It doesn’t hurt to be over-prepared when it comes to pest prevention. If you’re worried you might have a situation on your hands, such as evidence of their presence or the actual pest itself, give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’ll be happy to help you!