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Cluster Flies in Calgary

Finding flies in your home during warm summer months is no surprise – what with doors being left ajar and windows flown open for air flow – but what’s with the slow moving, fuzzy little flies that are showing up as winter ensues?  Pest Control Companies in Calgary are often called to resolve the issue of ‘cluster flies’ that appear in homes in the late fall and early winter.

Calgary Pest Management FirmOne Man and a Ladybug – explain that these small, dark, hairy little critters are sun and warmth seekers and often winterize in attics, walls, vents and any other cozy spot in your home, while they wait for spring.  These non-biting, disease-free flies are in your house for warmth and shelter – and not to cause havoc by laying eggs. Cluster flies lay their eggs in the ground during late spring and summer and use earthworms as a food source for young larva – and in late August, early September, adult flies start to seek potential shelter from the coming winter.

The good news (if there ever is good news when it comes to bugs) is that the adult flies merely seek out shelter for warmth – not to breed – however, taking precautions to seal all potential entry points around your home will help ensure that these annoying flies don’t have an opportunity to take up residence in your home or businessPest Control Management in Calgary focuses on the prevention of potential pest issues – as prevention is easier and less expensive than the treatment of pest control matters.  One Man and a Ladybug is a Calgary based Pest Management Company that strives to offer preventative measures and environmentally conscious solutions for homes and businesses.

Not sure if cluster flies are an issue in your home or business? You’ll recognize them by their slower, more confused flying style, furry like appearance due to overlapping wings, and their sudden appearance when temperatures drop.  Cluster flies get their name from their need to ‘cluster’ around windows on bright sunny days – as the winter sunlight makes them think that it’s spring-time.  This variety of flies doesn’t always travel in a cluster – and may be noticed as a solitary fly that is flying aimlessly around.

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This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+