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Christmas is behind you; all the decorations are down, gifts are exchanged and there are no traces of turkey to be found.  But something’s different since you took down the tree and straightened up your living room – you’ve noticed some small, almost undetectable insects on window sills and on base-boards.

Sounds like your Christmas tree may have had a few insects hitching a ride on it – and though the tree is long gone the insects are making themselves at home.  Insects that are often found on Christmas trees and tend to hang around well past New Year’s Celebrations are Adelgids (sap-feeding hemipteran), Spiders and MitesCalgary Pest Management Firm – One Man and a Lady Bug – receive calls in the New Year from home owners who have detected the presence of small, almost unnoticeable bugs.

The good news is that most mites and aphids that are transported in on a Christmas tree also get transported out – as they spend most of their time feeding on sap and eggs that are on branches.  Remember that these are temporary home-invaders as they are used to living on live trees outside with a certain amount of humidity.  In time a home environment can’t provide the necessities they require to survive, so they will die-off eventually.  But in the meantime there are some steps you can take to make sure that these bugs don’t become too annoying.

Pest Management Specialists at One Man and a Lady Bug recommend vacuuming up any dead piles of bugs – removing them right away will prevent other bugs from being attracted to this easy form of feeding.  If you have clumps of bugs on walls or ceilings, again vacuum them right away and wash walls to remove all trace of bugs.  Spiders that hitched a ride in on a tree may have left the highly camouflaged branches and found refuge in a warm corner or plant.  Obviously check for all traces of spider webs and get rid of any you find.  If you’re noticing an increase in spider activity then follow-up with a call to one of Calgary’s Pest Control Companies to take care of any lingering issues.

If you’re not sure what was lurking in your Christmas tree but are noticing some new additions to your home – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today.

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+