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A man is cleaning out clogged gutters to get rid of mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance! They’re perhaps the most despised insect of all. Rightfully so as they are not only annoying but can pose a health risk as they sometimes transmit infectious diseases. The following are some expert tips and proven

A brown recluse spider is crawling on the floor, and it's not a dangerous spider to have at home.

There are 628 species of spiders in Alberta. Many types remain exclusively outdoors. Of those that migrate inside, you may wonder, are house spiders dangerous? The answer is no. Most house spiders only bite in self-defense and few cause more

A vole is eating a raspberry.

Have you heard of a rodent capable of doing damage to lawns, trees, and gardens? Do you know about the furry, sneaky, critters that are hard to spot and like to eat your plants? Read on to learn what a

Common Valentine's Day Pests

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. You plan an ideal date. You pick a great outfit, prepare a delicious meal, light candles, and choose mood music. Everything is perfect! But before your sweetheart arrives, other unwanted guests appear. Don’t let your

Connection Between Fall Weather and Mosquito Activity

As we experience some cooler August mornings, you may notice that mosquito activity begins to accelerate in the nearing fall season. The connection between fall weather and mosquito activity isn’t a new discovery as they can become more of a

As we head further into spring, the trees will begin budding and the potential for diseases to infiltrate the urban forests in our beautiful city will increase with the warmer weather. Not only are the trees waking up, but so

It’s never a good time to have an ant invasion in your home, but it’s even worse if it keeps happening. If you’re dealing with continued ant problems, you don’t have to lose all hope! Ants eventually catch up with

There are plenty of pests to watch out for, particularly as the temperatures begin to rise, but do you know which ones are most common in Southern Alberta? Rodents, bugs and other creepy crawlies will attempt to venture indoors, seeking

Now that spring is inching its way closer to above-zero temperatures, we need to start thinking about our tall, leafy friends and how to help them have a pest-free spring. Give your trees the opportunity for healthy growth all the

When dealing with a pest infestation either at home or in the office, the only outcome anyone wants is a complete elimination of the pest problem. Our expectations of how that elimination will actually happen depend on the variables of