The Connection Between Fall Weather and Mosquito Activity

Connection Between Fall Weather and Mosquito Activity

As we experience some cooler August mornings, you may notice that mosquito activity begins to accelerate in the nearing fall season. The connection between fall weather and mosquito activity isn’t a new discovery as they can become more of a nuisance as the weather cools. Mosquitoes prefer cooler temperatures as opposed to the summer heat!
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Top Tree Diseases In Calgary and How To Prevent Them

As we head further into spring, the trees will begin budding and the potential for diseases to infiltrate the urban forests in our beautiful city will increase with the warmer weather. Not only are the trees waking up, but so are the pests and the potential diseases! To do our part to protect our shade-providing
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What Does An Ant Infestation Tell You About Your Home?

It’s never a good time to have an ant invasion in your home, but it’s even worse if it keeps happening. If you’re dealing with continued ant problems, you don’t have to lose all hope! Ants eventually catch up with most homeowners or renters, but you can live a relatively ant-free life if you keep
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Protecting Your Home From Mice

There are plenty of pests to watch out for, particularly as the temperatures begin to rise, but do you know which ones are most common in Southern Alberta? Rodents, bugs and other creepy crawlies will attempt to venture indoors, seeking food, shelter and water and can become a big problem in a short span of
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Tree Services to Keep Your Property Pest Free this Spring

Now that spring is inching its way closer to above-zero temperatures, we need to start thinking about our tall, leafy friends and how to help them have a pest-free spring. Give your trees the opportunity for healthy growth all the way until fall with regular inspections from the experts and these tree services! Insect Control
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Pest Control, Expectations vs Reality

When dealing with a pest infestation either at home or in the office, the only outcome anyone wants is a complete elimination of the pest problem. Our expectations of how that elimination will actually happen depend on the variables of the situation; what kind of pest, how far along is the infestation, what methods, if
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Keep An Eye Out For These Winter Pests

Our homes are warm and comfortable and pests looking to get out of the cold will seek a way to get inside and there are quite a few to keep an eye out for.

Winter Pest Control Tips

Rodents and insects will be looking for somewhere warm and cozy to spend the holidays and you definitely don’t want to have pests present at any festive dinners! Make sure that pest prevention is part of your winter preparations and you won’t have to worry about those unwanted guests crashing any of your festivities.

Signs You Need Commercial Pest Control

 Of course, we take preventative measures against pests in our homes, but what about our offices and places of business? A pest infestation can be costly, thoroughly damage your reputation and can even be dangerous if not handled correctly. It’s important to catch the presence of pests as quickly as possible in order to
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How to Prepare Your Home For Different Pest Treatments

How to Prepare Your Home For Different Pest Treatments

Pests destroy property, carry diseases, generally just cause a headache and can be difficult to get rid of once they’ve settled. That’s where routine pest control comes in.