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Over 60 Critters Featured on Alberta’s Pest List

According to a recent story on CBC Calgary:

“Alberta Fish and Wildlife has compiled a list, which includes 60 animals from pigeons to bats to sparrows to white-tailed jackrabbits that conservation officers and biologists make the list based on pest populations. If an animal is classified as a pest then no licence is needed to remove it from a property. However, people are encouraged to contact a Fish and Wildlife officer for advice on the legal methods that can be used to remove it.” Read more

An important part about our job as a pest control company here in Calgary is completing a thorough inspection of a residential or commercial site and determining a safe treatment for removing the pest in question without causing harm to the environment, children, pets, families and all non-target pests. People are usually surprised to find that particularly with tree spraying, some insects that appear as pests are actually benefiting rather than harming the trees.

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This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+