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Three Ways to Help out the Trees

Three Ways to Help out the Trees - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Company - Featured Image

We’re about to start smelling the delights of BBQ season and gardening season as we begin to venture out carefully from our isolation. Summer holds so many memories for many of us, but what about the memories of our trees? They experience summer quite differently; droughts, tumultuous weather and those gosh darn pests and diseases! Here’s how you can help your trees make some delightful memories this summer!

Inspect to Detect

It’s so important to get to know your trees! Intimately knowing and understanding the trees that live on your property is the first step in their care as you’ll notice abnormalities and signs of pests right away. Keep in mind that pests and diseases affect trees differently as opposed to others, so get yourself acquainted with what can cause your trees issues! Inspect for signs of winter burn, which commonly affects trees that didn’t get enough moisture before the cold hit and causes very dry leaf tissues. Sun scald causes vertical cracks in the tree’s bark, occurring usually in the winter and spring months, and is usually found in young and juvenile trees. Look underneath the leaves for signs of pests, check for mould, watch for leaf curling and make sure you routinely check the most vulnerable parts of your trees!

Trim the Grim

Pruning is a great way to help your tree regenerate and focus its energy on the healthy parts of the plant! This isn’t to say you should prune the entire tree, just the dead or decaying branches and any infected bits. This helps airflow and circulation throughout the tree as well as helping prevent pests or infections. While you’re helping the longevity of your tree, help the longevity of your property by removing any hazardous or dangerous limbs that could cause damage during immaculate weather!

Fertilize to Thrive!

We obviously need food to survive and so do our trees! Feeding your tree as soon as the ground thaws will provide it with the nutrients it has been lacking over the winter. They will also need good nutrition through the summer as the heat intensifies! There are lots of different options when it comes to fertilizing your trees, but if you’d like a more intensive guideline on when to fertilize, check out this informative guide! While knowing how to fertilize is very important, it’s also imperative you know how to properly water! Established trees require a gallon of water over the course of a week while young trees require twice that. But don’t just dump a gallon of water on your tree – a slow release of water to mimic rainfall is best! A slow-release watering apparatus is an easy way to water and just walk away and additionally, it creates a schedule for the tree to rely on.

However we spend our summer, we’re sure to make some good memories! While we continue to practice social distancing in making those memories, don’t distance too far from your trees! Spending a little extra time and care on them this summer will greatly increase their health and longevity. If you have more specific questions on how to care for your trees or you suspect a possible infection or disease, get in touch with us!