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Mosquitos Are Making a Comeback

Mosquitos Are Making a Comeback - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Company - Featured Image

Rain is such a relief after those hot summer days, but the problem with rain is that it creates these wonderful puddles and tiny lakes of standing water for us to jump in. While this might sound like loads of fun, it’s less fun when you see the swarm of mosquitoes buzzing around your boots! That’s right, mosquitoes are back and we’re not stoked about it either. But don’t worry – here’s a quick guide on how to stay safe from mosquitoes this summer!

Bite Me Baby One More Time

You’re never lonely with a mosquito, especially after they’ve bitten you! Our immune systems react to the saliva of a mosquito by swelling the area around the bite and causing general discomfort and itchiness for hours, sometimes days at a time. Not only is this annoying, but the possibility of that little vampire carrying a disease like malaria, dengue fever or encephalitis, to name just a few, can become a real problem depending on where you live. Once bitten, however, there are several easy remedies you can easily make at home to combat the itch! Oatmeal is a common breakfast food, but it also contains certain compounds that make it an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory. Creating a paste of oatmeal and water and applying this directly to the bite for at least ten minutes can soothe and drastically reduce irritation. If your recent gardening adventure has left your entire body covered in bites, try an oatmeal bath! Ice wrapped in a towel applied directly to the bite for ten minutes is another easy way to reduce itchiness. Using vinegar is another common treatment as it lessens stinging and burning sensations and it’s also a natural disinfectant!

Protect the Perimeter!

Once mosquitoes have claimed your backyard as their home, they can be a bit tricky to get rid of! But don’t worry, there are plenty of offensive battle strategies against these little buggers. First and foremost, get rid of any standing water! Mosquitoes breed in shallow water and giving them less breeding grounds means fewer mosquitoes. This includes birdbaths, gutters, watering cans, pet dishes, potted plants and pools. This isn’t to say you can’t have these in your yard, but changing or removing the water on a weekly basis will help get rid of any mosquito larva. The added bonus of a birdbath is you are also introducing a natural predator! Another quick trick is planting shrubs and flowers that act as a deterrent in your garden for a natural repellent while simultaneously beautifying your yard! Lavender, basil, thyme, marigolds, geraniums, mint and even catnip are just a few of the varieties that mosquitoes hate. If you’re curious about what else to plant, you can check out this list of 21 plants!
The mosquito population has already proved to us they’re here in a big way this year. Be prepared to protect yourself from these vampires as we start to venture outdoors more! If you’re worried that you are dealing with something more than just a few mosquitoes, don’t be afraid to get in touch with us! We’re your pest experts and we want to help you keep the bites at bay this summer!