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DIY Mosquito Bite Relief

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If you’ve spent any amount of time outside this summer, you know the mosquitoes are especially terrible this year. Those annoying little vampires are interrupting our socially distanced picnics and park hangouts and once bitten, the itch won’t let you forget! If you’re struggling with bites this year and you’re leaning to your DIY/crafty side, here are a few ways you can make your own bite relief at home!

Relief in the Kitchen

A lot of remedies you can find in your kitchen! The easiest and quickest relief from a mosquito bite is ice. That’s right, just an ice cube will help with that itch, but be sure to use a barrier between your skin and the ice as contact over five minutes can damage your top layer of skin. If you’re not a fan of cold, try using a freshly cut piece of onion. The juices can reduce irritation and onions are also naturally antifungal! Minced thyme works in much the same way and is also antifungal and antibacterial. Another quick trick is steeping a chamomile tea bag and applying the bag once cooled to the bite. The bonus is you get a cup of tea to soothe your ego!

Paste it!

These remedies are also in the kitchen and mixing ingredients with water and making a paste is the deal with these bite relief concoctions! Oatmeal is a favourite breakfast food among many, but it also does wonders for itchiness! The compounds found in oatmeal have anti-irritant qualities and can relieve itching and swelling. Mix equal parts water and oatmeal and apply with a cloth to the affected area and let it work its oatmeal magic for at least ten minutes. If you are dealing with more than just a few bites, and let’s face it most of us are, an oatmeal bath is your best bet toward relief. Soak in a bath of warm water and at least one cup of oats for twenty minutes, gently rubbing oatmeal into extra itchy areas. The other paste you can use on mosquito bites is a mixture of water and baking soda. Many over the counter creams contain baking soda and though it’s not for everyday skin use, baking soda reduces redness, swelling and itchiness caused by bug bites!

The mosquitoes might be relentless this year, but so is our knowledge on how to deal with these little pests! If you’re worried you might be dealing with some other more invasive pests, give our friendly technicians a call at 403-262-1666 and we’ll be happy to help you!