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There can be a lot of misinformation surrounding pest control, what works or doesn’t work, and a lot of this can come from a bad experience with an inexperienced pest removal company or a friend’s poor experience. Many of the

Rodents From Causing Damage To Your Yard
As summer warms up and they get more active and more curious, rodents may try to infiltrate the tranquility of your yard. We’ve got a few tips for you on how to keep rodents from causing damage to your yard!
How to Keep Pests Out of your Kitchen
It’s no secret that a pest’s favourite room in our homes is the one with all the food. Here’s how you can pest-proof your kitchen!
Signs of Pests in the Workplace

 Pest infestations are awful and a massive inconvenience, but when they happen in the workplace, they can be devastating, and even dangerous, to your business and your employees. The best way to prevent pests from infiltrating the office is

Pests Good for Plants

It might sound a little strange to promote pests for your plants, but hear us out! There are actually some pests and creepy crawlies that are beneficial for the growth of our plants, both the indoor and garden variety. As

Bed Bug Prevention Tips

We all worry about catching a bug from travelling and the last thing you want is to bring home a runny nose, or worse, to the family. But there is a physical bug that travellers need to respect and understand

Prevent Pests

Winter made itself known with a sudden flurry in December, resulting in plummeting temperatures and snow that came by the pile. Snow and cold weather tend to drive pests into the warmth and comfort of our homes, especially when it

Avoid Vole Damage Now

Don’t be fooled by how cute a vole’s little face is as they’re actually capable of mass grass destruction. These mouse adjacent rodents tunnel through lawns during the winter in such a way that they can ruin the integrity of

Overwintering Pests

The cooler weather is back and here to stay and that means we’re pulling our coats, boots, mitts, hats and scarves from the back of the closet and moving them to the front. While we apply layers, those pests that

Keep Up With Winter Pest Control With Us

It might seem like the work is done once you’ve pest proofed your home for rodent season and after the fall harvest, but don’t stop keeping up with your pest control efforts! There are other creepy crawlies that may be