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Ants & Spiders – Residential

There’s nothing worse than walking into your home and finding out that your house has been infested with hundreds of crawling insects, sneaking into your walls and flooring and food. Once insects have invaded and settled in your home, getting rid of them can seem nearly impossible.

Ants in particular are known to live in colonies, consisting of a queen ant responsible for laying eggs, short-lived males, and sterile female workers. Part of what makes ants such effective pests in your home is their remarkable efficiency and communication abilities. Ants are able to direct each other by leaving long-lasting trails of pheromones, giving ants a reliable path to food sources. Once one of these trails have made into your home, getting rid of the invaders can be incredibly difficult. To make matters worse, some ant species, like pharaoh ants, have multiple queens and will split the colony as soon as a threat is detected. This can lead to hydra-level infestation if you try to poison them off yourself.

Depending on the species of ant in your home, you could also face varying amounts of property damage and food risks—for example, there are three varieties of carpenter ants that love to destroy the 2 x 4s keeping your house upright.. At One Man and a Ladybug, we have the expertise and the tools to safely eliminate your home’s ant problem.

Many people also deal with an influx of spiders in their home. While spiders are usually harmless, they might on rare occasions bite in self-defense. As well, their presence can trigger anxiety as a result of arachnophobia. If you are concerned about spiders in your home, feel free to contact One Man and a Ladybug for more information on how we can help.

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