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Should You Try DIY Rodent Removal?

Should You Try DIY Rodent Removal? - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Calgary

We like to do things ourselves, not just for the satisfaction, but maybe just to prove to ourselves we can do it without professional help. Though it might seem tempting to start a search on Pinterest for tips on how to do your own rodent removal, ask yourself if this is truly a safe option. Because even though you might have the best intentions, if removal is not done safely and properly it could cause you, your home or your family more damage in the long run!



Critters carry a lot of nasty diseases, some of which are directly transferable to humans. If you decide to go the route of DIY when it comes to rodent pest control and removal, just be aware that these furry little menaces could get you very sick if you’re not careful. Educate yourself on the different illnesses mice spread, including hantavirus and lymphocytic choriomeningitis because catching either of these can be deadly! Knowing how to safely remove pests from your home or office by using the right equipment will save you from the possibility of disease.


Chemicals or Nah?

Another tricky aspect to DIY rodent removal is the use of proper chemicals, both for eradication or cleaning up. Using chemical pest control in your home is an option, but introducing poisons and other toxic substances can spell disaster if used improperly. The possibility of children and pets coming into contact with improperly used chemicals is a very real risk and you should understand the dangers. So before you head out to buy the most heavy duty chemical to fight off the rodents, make sure you know exactly how to handle it and exactly how to use it!



Sometimes the problems that come with DIY is a lack of experience. It’s very satisfying to complete something on your own, but if there’s a certain expertise that’s required, it can be hard to achieve the results you want if this is your first or second crack at it. If you’re unsure of how to do something, such as rodent removal, of course there’s a YouTube channel to teach you the how-tos. But if you’re unsure of how to go about safely doing a removal yourself, it’s not failure to call in the experts! It’s actually an incredibly smart and efficient move on your part, as experts get it done right and they do it quickly.

As tempting as DIY might be, if you aren’t 100% sure of the process, give us a call. We’d be more than happy to help you find a solution to your pending pest problems and steer you into a rodent free holiday season!