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Three Places Bugs may be Hiding

Three Places Bugs may be Hiding - One Man and a Lady bug - Pest Control Calgary

While we’re all making “new year, new me” resolutions as we ring in the start of 2019, the beetles, roaches and other insects are doing the same thing! Except theirs are simple: shack up in our homes for as long as they can to avoid the cold. In order to keep them from their new year goals, it’s important to first find where they may be hiding and what to do once you find them!


Underneath it All

A perfect place for a bug to hide is underneath a kitchen appliance. It’s warm, it’s close to food and it’s out of the way. Check underneath anything and everything that could potentially be a safe place for a bug and look for indications of an insect home, including excrement or a foul smell. Boxelder beetles and roaches will hide in clothing and underneath clutter. A good way to keep them at bay is to keep your home clear of piles of newspaper, clothes and other easy hiding spots. Keep food sealed and out of reach and this will also deter bugs from invading your kitchen!


They’re in the Walls!

Insects love to camp out behind baseboards and in the cracks and crevices of our walls. They will also crawl under floorboards and make homes underfoot. If you suspect a roach or beetle infestation, a quick fix to help with your problem is a non-toxic insecticide that you can make at home. Concoct a mixture of soap and water, dish soap or bath soap will both do the trick, and spray this mix directly on the the invading creepy crawlies.


Nooks and Crannies

Just like bugs will hide in the cracks and creases of the inside of our homes, they will do the same around the exterior of our castles! Look for cracks and holes in your foundation and fill them with steel wool or caulking. If you’re also combatting mice and other rodents, lean towards using steel wool as they won’t be able to chew through it! Clearing the clutter and debris around the outside of your house is just as important as keeping the inside tidy. Move wood piles, clippings, straw and other easy to hide under objects away from your home. If you find the creepy culprits scurrying around, you can use that same soap and water solution to get rid of them. It’s safe to use on brick, aluminum and other siding.


Wherever bugs may be hiding in or around your home, don’t fret! If you have exhausted all your DIY measures and you’re at your wits end, you can give our friendly technicians a ring at 403.262.1666. We know where bugs hide and we are happy to help you deal with them once we find them!