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Hiring a Calgary Pest Control Company

From Bed Bugs to Cluster Flies and Mice Infestations to Landscape diseasesthere are many reasons why a home or business owner may have to make a call to a Calgary Pest Control Company -but flicking through the yellow pages while trying to handle an unexpected pest infestation isn’t the ideal way to select a Pest Control or Extermination Company – as selecting any service while feeling stressed can often prove costly.

Calgary Pest Management Company – One Man and a Lady Bug – aims to take the stress out of dealing with unwanted critters and pests by providing some tips on how to choose a Pest Control Company that not only takes care of business but offers strategies to prevent further issues.  Today’s Pest Control Firms provide much more than mouse traps and insecticides, but are equipped to diagnose and address concerns that impact the structure and sanitation of a building and health of landscape trees and shrubs.  So how do you go about hiring a Calgary Pest Control Company?

Asking your friends and neighbours for a referral is a good place to start as there’s nothing like a tale of discovered rodent droppings or embarrassing bed bug bites to get the scoop on how fast exterminators responded and how thoroughly they handled they situation.  People love to share stories – both the good and the bad – so listening in on people’s pest concerns will provide insight in to who to avoid and who to call.  If you’ve been given some recommendations from people you trust – call the Pest Control Companies and ask them to provide an on-site evaluation.  This service is usually complimentary and will allow you to evaluate the company’s professionalism and ability to manage your pest concern.  Asking questions about the types of chemicals used is important – as hiring a company that acknowledges the need to provide environmental, pet and human friendly solutions is imperative.  Also check on the company’s professional designation and licencing – as a reputable Pest Control Firm will hold valid licences and be up-to-date on required protocols.

One Man and a Lady Bug is a trusted Calgary Pest Control Company that works hard to provide environmentally conscious programs that effectively treat home and business pest issues.  For more information on this Pest Management team – contact One Man and a Lady Bug today 403.262.1666