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Cockroaches – Out Smart, Out Wit, Out Last

Calgary Pest Management Company – One Man and a Lady Bug knows all about the devastation cockroaches can inflict on homes, businesses, and lives.  Associated with tracking grime and diseases over food and living quarters – cockroaches are a bug that stirs emotions and creates stress and angst in the lives of those trying to get these pesky critters out of homes or work environments.  

Cockroaches aren’t fussy about what they walk on, and are happy to eat a varied diet from used Band-Aids, feces, and rotting food.  They can spread human disease like dysentery, typhoid, polio, and gastroenteritis – and cause a large degree of havoc to those having to deal with them.  Calgary Pest Control Firms explain that cockroaches are smart and have an amazing ability to survive – supposedly cockroaches can survive an atomic blast!  In the last few days there have been reports of a new breed of cockroach that is able to withstand harsh winter temperatures – and though these hardy creatures have not shown up in Alberta -yet – New York has noted the presence of these uber strong critters.

One Man and a Lady Bug is a Calgary based Pest Management company that focuses on the prevention and early detection of  critters.  Offering advice on how to prevent Cockroaches from targeting your home or business; this Calgary Pest Control Firm understands the negative feelings associated with any pest or vermin infestation and why early steps should be taken to avoid unwelcome house guests.

Cockroaches can enter homes or businesses in a number of ways – from being carried in on grocery bags to entering via sewer pipes and crevices.  You know how cozy and welcoming your home feels to you – well cockroaches have the same opinion of your domain, only their intention is to live rent-free and slowly take over the place.  Cockroaches love warmth, water, food remnants, and can find lots of interesting places to hide out.  One of the biggest challenges with an infestation of cockroaches is how fast they breed – and for every one you spot, you can be sure there are numerous others hiding behind walls.   One Man and a Lady Bug go on to explain that most Cockroaches are resistant to the do-it-yourself style of pesticides and require the strength and specialty of professional applications.  If Cockroach eggs are found and not eliminated effectively, then any self-attempts at pest control by the home or business owner becomes wasted time and dollars.

Calgary Pest Control Firm – One Man and a Lady Bug take the control and elimination of bugs seriously.  Providing services that address the need to respect the environment, pet and human health, and handle pest management delicately to avoid over eradication.  One Man and a Lady Bug acknowledge that each critter is part of the delicate eco-system and provide solutions to prevent the need for ongoing pest control.  If you have a pest management concern or would like your home evaluated for pests and potential problemscontact One Man and a Lady Bug today.

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+