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Cooler Temperatures See Bugs Heading Indoors

With warm sunny days becoming fewer and fewer many business and home owners are starting to see more bugs seeking warmth by heading indoors.  Bugs have strong survival instincts and are able to detect very subtle changes in temperature and environment – and when the sun goes down their hunt for a warm home to wait out winter kicks in.

Calgary Pest Control – One Man and a Ladybug – are an environmentally conscious Pest Management Company that handles Landscape, Residential, and Commercial Pest concerns.  One Man and a Ladybug explain that ants are one of the biggest invaders of warm buildings when temperatures turn cold – and these armies of small bugs can become a big nuisance when left to their own devices.  There are over 100 different species of ants in Canada – with Calgary being a hot spot for ants to hang out – and though ants are known for their summertime appearance and antics of building anthills and foraging for food, during the cooler months of fall and winter ants seek out warm places to hibernate.  Ants’ main aim is to find food – this is a key characteristic to be cognizant of when trying to prevent or eliminate ants from setting up home in your home.  Like it or not – humans are often the reason why bugs become enticed closer to human territorya trail of crumbs or sugary residue is a green light for most bugs searching for winter sustenance.  Step one in preventing an ant or other bug infestation is to make sure your home is not an attractor.

Carpenter ants in Calgary homes can wreak havoc in a fairly short time frame.  Carpenter ants are large, brown/black, their bodies are divided in to three segments and they sport a bent antenna.  These ants can bore their way into wood – destroying furniture and house frames.  To prevent carpenter ants from entering your home or business – clean up your environment so that it becomes a negative breeding environment.  Clean floors to remove sticky trails, fix any leaking faucets, and de-clutter to remove any form of shelter for ants.  If ants are already an issue in your home, contact a Pest Control Company in CalgaryOne Man and a Ladybug provide fast and effective service that handles all manner of pest issuesContact this Calgary Pest Control Firm today – 403.262.666

This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+