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Are Aphids Taking Over Your Calgary Yard?

Calgary’s days are starting to shorten and the sun is losing its warmth – and that translates to an increase in Aphid activity as late summer and early fall is Aphid mating season.   Aphids can reproduce without a mate (it’s a form of reproduction known as parthenogenesis) and can lay up to 250 eggs at one time.  The sheer quantity of eggs laid translates to an excess of twenty to thirty generations of aphids in one season.  Calgary Pest Control expertsOne Man and a Ladybug – recommend that homeowners act fast when swarms of aphids appear in yards – as this tiny little pest can cause damage to plants. The fastest and easiest way to control this fall pest is to hose down plants that have aphids on them.  A high pressure garden hose easily knocks aphids off plants.

City of Calgary Pest Management Firms are kept busy throughout the late summer and fall months handling calls from frustrated people dealing with clouds of aphids.  If you’re trying to avoid contact with aphids don’t go outside in calm weather as aphids are able to congregate in large numbers.  However, aphids don’t hold up quite so well in windy weather as they are literally kept swept away – that’s your chance to be outside and survey the damage they may have caused.  Aphids are often found on the leaves of trees – they pierce the leaf and suck out the contents of leaves and stem – the resulting sticky residue is called ‘honey-dew’ and  can be found on items that are under trees – such as patio furniture and vehicles.  What’s interesting is that aphids have their very own bodyguards – ants.  Ants protect aphids because they (ants) like to feed-on the honey –dew.  If you want to eliminate aphids in your yard you had better be prepared to tackle any ant population as well.

Pest Control in Calgary is experienced in handling a full range of landscape, residential, and commercial pest issuesOne Man and a Ladybug is an environmentally conscious pest management company that is able to provide Calgary with effective pest control while respecting human and pet health.  Focusing on striking a balance between control but not complete eradication – One Man and a Ladybug is who Calgarians trust when it comes to Pest ManagementContact them today 403.262.1666.
This article was written by Angie Naimi. Visit her on Google+