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How To Keep Your Pantry Pest-Free

Keep Your Pantry Pest-Free

Dealing with a pest infestation is awful, but dealing with one that happens to originate from your pantry seems to feel even worse! Having pests in close contact with our food makes us squirm, so we’ve come up with a few tips on how to keep your pantry pest-free!

Clean, Clean and More Clean!

Dedicate to a consistent cleaning routine when it comes to your pantry as the less food debris and dust is present, the less likely pests will try and move in next to the cereal. Make sure to clean underneath shelving and try to wipe the shelves themselves down as frequently as you can. Clean up any spills or crumbs, not only in your pantry but anywhere in your home to keep bugs from thinking you’ve sent them a dinner invite! Use a vinegar cleaning solution to ward off pests as they hate the smell!

Airtight Or Bust

The reason a pantry is so exciting to a pest is it’s where we store a lot of our dried foods, including grains and cooking ingredients, such as raisins, crackers, marshmallows, granola, you get the idea! Make your pantry less enticing by sealing every food item in an airtight container and if possible, try not to store anything directly on the floor. Instead of storing things like oats or sugar in the original bag, place them in sealable bags or containers like Mason jars. Try to get them as airtight as possible to avoid tempting rodents and bugs!

Get Out the Bay Leaves

Though we enjoy bay leaves in stews, bugs such as fleas, ants and cockroaches can’t stand them! Set out some bay leaves around your pantry to ward off these creepy crawlies for a nontoxic pest repellent! 

The best way to keep your pantry pest-free is to monitor what’s in it. Frequently check to see if your packages and food items have any tears or holes to indicate possible pest presence and try not to buy too many grain products all at once if they’ll only sit in your pantry for ages before using them. If you find evidence of a pest invasion, such as mouse droppings or the scurrying of the insects or rodents themselves, give us a call at 403.262.1666 and we’ll help you eliminate the problem!