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Why You Want Environmentally Friendly Pest Control

If you own or rent a home or you work in an office, you likely have worried about or come into contact with a pest. While it might seem easiest to call in the folks with the biggest guns to eliminate the problem, have you considered choosing based on the environmental impact of the pest control method? Choosing environmentally friendly pest control is the safest and most efficient way to deal with a pest issue without having to worry about the long-term effects of regular pesticides, both to your family and the planet. Here’s why you want environmentally friendly pest control!

Less Harsh Chemicals

One of the worst parts about having to deal with a pest infestation is the aftermath of what still remains from the invasion. Of course, the pests will be gone, but that chemical smell tends to linger and harsh pesticides used in the home can greatly affect the health of everyone living there. Plants, pets and children can have adverse reactions to the chemicals used in pesticides and sometimes those illnesses or reactions will show up weeks or even months later. Adults are susceptible to these harsh fumes as well and exposure to them can cause respiratory issues, blood disorders and, in extreme cases, can cause cancer. But when you hire a pest control company that prides themselves on a greener, healthier method of pest elimination, you can sleep easier knowing you chose a clean, safe solution.

Better Results For Everyone In The Long Term

Did you know that pests can develop resilience to certain chemicals and pesticides? While traditional methods would work for a while, critters like cockroaches build up a resistance to these chemicals until another, stronger chemical needs to be used on an increasingly growing hoard. But when you use environmentally friendly methods, such as oils, taste and scents mixed with gentler chemicals, it can drive away a pest problem without poisoning the surrounding area. Traditional pesticides can travel much farther than where they are sprayed, causing catastrophic disease and death to pollinators and other animals downwind or downstream of the application. When you choose a planet-friendly pest control option, you deal with the pest problem without terminating the good insects, such as ladybugs!

Less Irritating
For folks with allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues, a whiff of a chemical can set off a reaction. With environmentally friendly pest control, these reactions can be greatly minimized! There isn’t a lingering smell after an eco-friendly application and the product won’t stain like harsher pesticides are known to do. Choosing the greener option will also save your landscaping as pesticides often have to be applied monthly, killing off grass and other plant life in the process. Save your lawn and your yard with eco-friendly options instead!

Here at One Man and a Lady Bug, we strive to offer the safest, most reliable pest control while still doing our part to protect the environment. The products we use are formulated to have a strong impact on the pest, but a much gentler impact on the planet as opposed to traditional pest control methods. This more natural approach leaves little room for surprises and you can trust that we’ll eliminate the pest issue without leaving you in a sea of chemical fumes. Give us a call today at 403-262-1666 and we’d be happy to get started on a safe pest control method for your home or office!