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Why You May Be Noticing Cluster Flies in Early Spring

As warm weather approaches it’s not just humans itching to get outside and soak up the first hint of warmer rays.  Cluster Flies are a common sight in early spring as they venture from their winter hiding places, attracted to sunlight streaming in through windows, luring them to the outside.

Why Are Cluster Flies in Your Home?

Calgary Pest Control and Extermination Experts at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that it’s common to notice Cluster Flies in the early spring, gathering around windows in an attempt to get outside.  Now you may be thinking ‘what the heck are they doing in my home in the first place’? Just like most bugs and pests – Cluster Flies don’t want to have to deal with the frigid temperatures of winter, so sneak inside homes and offices to wait-out the cooler months.  These flies enter homes through cracks and crevices in brick-work and through vents and ill-fitting flashing.  Preventing any bug or pest infestation always starts with sealing and caulking up small openings and cracks around a home – as what may look like a microscopic opening to you is a big welcome sign to most pests.  Flies easily enter homes in the late fall through cracks and openings – and then snooze all winter as they wait for warmer days and nights.

Cluster Flies Hovering?

It’s not uncommon for homes to have large infestations of flies that aren’t revealed until the flies attempt to exit the building.  Congregating around windows and doors these flies can cause problems for those living in the same premises as they can cause allergies when in large numbers and become a source of food for other pests like mice, who may be hiding out in walls or attics.  Interestingly Cluster Flies can attract the Larder Beetle – a bug that is also noticed entering homes in the spring to lay eggs in carpets and on furnishings – eliminating the problem of Cluster Flies can prevent other unwanted bug activity.

One Man and a Lady Bug focuses on providing environmentally friendly options for handling bug and pest infestations – acknowledging that elimination of bugs impacts humans and pet health – this Calgary Pest Control team take care in ensuring safe options for all concerned.