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Does Your Garage Have Bugs and Critters?

Garages are a real treat to homeowners in need of storage for vehicles, work tools, kids’ toys and miscellaneous items.  Capable of holding many odds and ends that don’t have an official home – garages often become the spot where plant soil, boxes of paper and old hockey gear is left in a free corner.  Though these items may be out of sight to you – they may well create the perfect hiding spot for unwanted bugs and critters.

Garage Bugs

Tired of cobwebs gathering in corners and around light fixtures – feel grossed-out every time you move a box and some Daddy-Long-Legs or other spidery creature scurries across the floor?  Garage bugs love their protective shelter about as much as you love your new mattress – they stay cozy warm and remain out of the way of humans who are ready to swipe down and sweep out anything that resembles a bug.  Spiders can be a big nuisance in garages as they build webs around objects that have been long forgotten by homeowners – only to discover hundreds of spiders camping out in an old backpack or hiking boot.  But though spiders are annoying and creepy for some people – they’re not really doing any structural damage – unlike pests that you do need to be on the look-out for.

Termites and Wood Work

Calgary Pest Control Technicians at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that homeowners really need to keep an eye open for bugs and pests that can cause structural damage and potentially cause health issues with droppings.  Termites are definitely bugs that can make you call a Pest Control and Extermination Team in Calgary as their slow but highly destructive nature can result in wood framing being compromised.  Sometimes mistaken for ants – Termites are winged pests that hollow-out wood structures – weakening buildings like garages, sheds and decks.  Having your property regularly checked for Termite activity will prevent major costs down the road.

Rodents Taking Over

Most homeowners find the odd mouse running around the garage – eating through bags of pet food that was meant for Fido and chewing through all sorts of material – from drywall, cables and even aluminum.  When you notice one mouse it’s usually a sign of a lot more hiding close-by.  Searching for warmth and potential food sources mice can quickly turn a garage in to a health hazard due to mounds of droppings.  Turning to a Calgary Extermination Company to handle the removal of the pest and droppings is recommended – especially in dusty buildings like garages and barns – as sweeping these structures kicks-up dust particles that are harboring viruses from pests.

If your garage is your haven – protect it from unwanted pests and bugs.  Follow our blog in the coming weeks to learn more about garage critters and how to stop them invading your space.

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