Why You May Be Noticing Cluster Flies in Early Spring

As warm weather approaches it’s not just humans itching to get outside and soak up the first hint of warmer rays.  Cluster Flies are a common sight in early spring as they venture from their winter hiding places, attracted to sunlight streaming in through windows, luring them to the outside. Why Are Cluster Flies in
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Moths May Appear Harmless – Until They’re Living in Your Home

Moths – famous for their destruction of wool clothing – these winged critters don’t just limit themselves to wool products and will take a bite out of other materials, including silk, felt, fur, feathers and carpets.  Notoriously annoying for swarming around lights and performing suicidal nose dives in to camp fires – Moths have an
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Common Pests to Look Out For This Winter

Our lives are made up of seasons – and that means dealing with the seasonal habits of pests and rodents.  With summer way behind us and winter temperatures creeping in to our days and weeks, it’s normal to notice some heightened pest activity, as dropping temperatures force pests and rodents to find shelter and sustenance
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