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What You Didn’t Know About Termites

In planning a guest list for dinner you might want to omit those friendly termites; as this often unmentioned household pest are more interested in taking a bite out of your dining table than sampling you culinary delights.  Termites – a relation to the Cockroach – are some of the oldest insects on the planet and date back some 200 million years.  Living on wood – especially the wet moldy variety – Termites are easily found in forests where they play a very important role in the disposal of dead trees and woodland – munching their way through fallen branches and keeping debris in balance.  But when Termites are discovered in the home they are more of a hindrance than Mother Nature’s helper – and their presence can become a detriment to a home’s occupants and the structure of a house.

Calgary Pest Control Experts – One Man and a Ladybug – explain that Termites aren’t just wood eaters but can chew their way through paper, cloth and carpeting – making them public enemy number one if you have the bad luck of finding them in your home or business.  Establishing that your premises have Termite activity can be tough as they are not usually discovered until considerable damage is witnessed.  Termites build nests and colonies that hold different castes of Termites.  Like ants – a Termite colony consists of reproductives (single king and queen), soldiers and workers and can be found underground, around tree stumps and in a structure that provides the appropriate sustenance.  Because Termites are always foraging for food it is not unusual for Termite activity to be found up to 150 feet from a colony – which is often the way a new colony is formed and unprotected structures are infested.  And not all Termites need moldy, wet wood to survive – some varieties are more than willing to eat their way through dry wood (think framing) and drywall – causing a structure to become compromised over time.  Signs you have Termites aren’t always obvious so it’s always recommended to have the help of a professional Pest Control Company that can assess droppings and activity.

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