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Spring is Coming – What Kind of Pests You Can Expect to See

Spring in Calgary brings sights and sounds of new life in both the plant and pest world.  Longer, warmer days awaken dormant pests and invite new activity within yards and buildings – making spring a busy season for pest activity and Pest Management Companies.

Calgary Pest Management Company – One Man and a Ladybug – witness a major shift in pest movement during the early spring.  With humans awakening to the sunny days that are just around the corner – so too are many house and garden pests preparing for a busy season of foraging and reproduction – and make their presence known both indoors and around yards.  One pest that is commonly noticed during spring days is the cluster fly – an insect that overwinters in cracks and crevices of a building – only to emerge in the early spring when the hint of bright, warm days lures it from its winter fortress.  Seen gathering around windows during warm winter days – this lazy flyer is itching to get outdoors to fully spread its wings and investigate new vegetation. Cluster flies are often recognized by their slow, lazy flying patterns – which differentiates them from the frenetic flying of the common house fly – and their clustering nature around windows and high-points in attics.

Another spring pest that is soon to emerge in to the spotlight of the suns low rays is the Carpenter Ant; often seen flying from colonies with the intention of mating and reproducing.  Mild activity is nothing to be alarmed about – but if you notice this winged pest flying from your home, an inspection may be a good idea to rule out the threat of a colony nesting in your walls.  Termites are another winged pest that waits for springs warming days before it relinquishes its winter residenceOften noticed in the spring due to swarming – when they shed their wings and mate – signs of swarming is an alarm bell to a possible nearby infestation so following up with a Pest Control evaluation may be warranted.

And if flying, swarming pests don’t give home and business owners enough to think about – Mice, Squirrels and Skunks can bring spring pest issues – so looking out for rodent and wildlife activity, especially close to your home, is recommended.

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