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Places Where Pests Can Hide

If there’s one thing pests love to do it’s make themselves as inconspicuous as possible and live quietly alongside us without us noticing them. Our homes provide all the essentials for pests, by way of food, shelter and water and

What is 2 inches long has a white stripe down its back and a fur-like coat? It’s the Tent Caterpillar. Sometimes reaching 5 inches long this insect common to Alberta can be nothing shy of annoying. Calgary Pest Management team

They’re back! And we’re not referring to rodeo cowboys – we’re talking about our stripped friends from the family Apoidea (Bees) and Vespidae (Wasps) – who are all set to hover above our back yard barbecues and loiter annoyingly around

Summer is upon us – toasty days and lazy warm evenings hanging out on the deck. But there are a few things that can really ruin a summer day – one being rain – and the other the unwanted distraction

As if the gnawing of your baseboards and nibbling of your favorite cereal wasn’t enough to deal with – Rodent Activity also presents issues that can negatively impact yours and your family’s health. Calgary Pest Control Experts at One Man

If you’re a retail store owner you’re probably always on the look-out for signs of bug or pest issues like rodent activity – issues that can drive the public from your store, taking with them bad reviews and potential income.

Oh sure when we talk of mice it’s more pleasant to think of the cute little mouse who got a starring role in The Green Mile – stealing our hearts with its tricks and domesticity. But really – have you

The recent deaths of two small children in Fort McMurray have once again raised numerous red flags regarding the use and safety of certain pesticides. The children, and other family members, were exposed to the noxious vapours emitted by Phosphine

Calgary Pest Control Firm – One Man and a Ladybug – aim to help customers lessen the need for pest management by providing preventative tips that help keep pesky insects and wildlife at bay. Though it might not always feel

Not all bugs that are seen lounging on leaves and branches are there to cause harm to your trees.  Some play a vital role in maintaining a healthy environmental balance and are advantageous to your yards overall health.  But then