Protect Your Home by Keeping Mice Away

Oh sure when we talk of mice it’s more pleasant to think of the cute little mouse who got a starring role in The Green Mile – stealing our hearts with its tricks and domesticity.  But really – have you ever met a mouse that warmed your heart and made you want to play foster
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Stop Before Self-Administering a Pesticide

The recent deaths of two small children in Fort McMurray have once again raised numerous red flags regarding the use and safety of certain pesticides. The children, and other family members, were exposed to the noxious vapours emitted by Phosphine – a pesticide deemed illegal in Canada. But what can be done to prevent further
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What You Didn’t Know About Termites

In planning a guest list for dinner you might want to omit those friendly termites; as this often unmentioned household pest are more interested in taking a bite out of your dining table than sampling you culinary delights.  Termites – a relation to the Cockroach – are some of the oldest insects on the planet
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