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Safely Handling Mouse Droppings

Safely Handling Mouse Droppings - One Man and a Lady Bug - Pest Control Calgary

We’ve put away our holiday decor, we’ve cleared out our Yuletide and our mistletoe and we discovered that sometime during the holidays we acquired some unwelcome guests. And now we have to clean up something far less festive. If you’ve found yourself dealing with furry new residents, here’s a safe way to handle mice and their droppings!


Mice carry a multitude of nasty diseases and it’s important to remember this when handling them and their excrement. Most folks don’t think twice about sweeping up droppings in with the dustpan, but thanks to those many diseases, a lot of airborne contaminants are present in mouse feces. It’s a good idea to open the windows in the room where you found the mouse droppings and allow the space to air out for at least half an hour to rid the air of said contaminants. You can do this while you clean to aid in fumigating the bleach solution we recommend you use! Before you start the cleanup, make sure to don a long sleeved shirt and rubber gloves to protect yourself. Never handle anything mouse related with your bare hands! Mix a solution of water and bleach, one part water to one tenth parts bleach, and fill a spray bottle and a mop bucket with this mixture. Now you’re in business. Instead of reaching for a broom and dustpan or the vacuum, as this will just stir up all the bacteria and other potential airborne viruses, opt to scoop up all droppings with a paper towel. Thoroughly disinfect the area with the bleach spray and let it stand for five minutes before wiping it up. Toss cardboard, paper and any other contaminated materials and mop the area with the same bleach solution. Double bag all used cleaning supplies and mouse droppings and dispose of immediately! After you’re happy with your clean up, wash all clothing, contaminated bedding and other materials in piping hot water and make sure to scrub yourself down too!

Handling mouse feces isn’t a glamorous job, but it’s a job we sometimes have to do. Keep in mind that mice can pass several deadly illnesses to us through their feces and urine. A dead mouse can be just as troublesome as a live one and disposing of a mouse cadaver should be handled in the same way you handled their poop; with lots of disinfectant and rubber gloves! If you find yourself at the mercy of a mouse hoard, get in touch with us. When it comes to keeping your home mouse free this year, we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty!