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Top 5 Pests Found Indoors

Top 5 Pests Found Indoors - One Man and a Lady Bug - Calgary Pest Control Experts

Pests aren’t the end of the world – especially when they stay outside and leave humans and family pets alone. But that isn’t always the case as some pests are attracted to the warmth and shelter a home provides – which can result in having to deal with pests that are literally under our noses. Ardent prevention and quick intervention helps to control the influx of pests venturing over a threshold – and being able to recognize annoying household pests can mean you spot them before they cause too much damage.


Arachnophobia is a very real issue for many people – causing them to live in dread of a spider ever sauntering across their living room floor. Even if you don’t have a phobia for spiders but just find them incredibly creepy – these two body parts arachnids can prove to be annoying for home owners. Most people associate spiders with webs – a sticky, intricate weave that is set up to snarl their prey. Spotting large webs that have attracted flies and other small pests should alert a home owner to the presence of spider activity and knocking down a web is the first line of defense in keeping spiders out of your house. Though not known to cause structural damage to a home – spiders should be viewed with caution and not approached as spiders will bite if provoked.


This tiny little insect that has walked the earth for more than 92 million years can be a real pest when an infestation occurs inside the home. Resilient to many home remedies – ants need professional Pest Control management to protect a home from damage. When we think of ants in a home, Carpenter Ants immediately come to mind along with a picture of them gnawing through essential support beams – causing expensive repairs and sleepless nights for a home owner. The upswing is that spotting Ant activity isn’t that tricky as they tend to travel in a path towards a food source – leaving a pheromone trail behind them that creates a trail for other ants. Noticing damaged wood around your home is another indicator of ant activity and should be acted on quickly to protect the structure of the home.


Their name sounds kind of cute – and creates an image of little bug that is the star of a Disney cartoon. Sometimes referred to as ‘rolie polies’ for their habit of rolling up in to a ball when disturbed; Pill Bugs aren’t really bugs at all but isopods, who are closely related to crayfish and shrimp. Experienced scavengers, Pill Bugs may venture inside a home in an attempt to find food and because they often like to hangout on decks and under plant pots, their access to a home can be easy. A lover of moist climates, once inside a home the Pill Bug doesn’t last too long as dry conditions makes this creature die. Controlling the humidity in your home is a great way to help keep them on the outside.

German Cockroach

There is nothing good about the work cockroach – and most would agree that this is one bug no one wants to encounter in their home. The most common cockroach spotted in houses – the German Cockroach is easily noted by its light brown colour and two black stripes. Attracted to food remnants, sticky counter tops and oily stoves – this cockroach needs water for survival so may also be spotted in bathrooms as well as kitchens. Day time activity signifies a definite infestation and action to manage the infestation should be taken as soon as possible.

Strawberry Root Weevil

One of the smallest beetles walking the earth – the Strawberry Root Weevil gives away one of its favourite infestation targets – strawberries! But it isn’t just strawberries that are a target for this beetle – other plants are also known to deal with this pest – and homes aren’t off limits either when it comes to this Weevil finding sustenance. Again, searching for moisture, Strawberry Root Weevils will make their way indoors and are often the cause of indoor plant death.

Having pests venture in to your home is normal as invariably it’s heat and moisture they are in search of. Keeping them out in the first place is always preferable, but if they do manage to break down  a home’s defenses, there’s always Calgary Pest Control experts at One Man and a Lady Bug to control any infestation. Call today for a pest control quote 403.262.166