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Tent Caterpillars in Calgary

What is 2 inches long has a white stripe down its back and a fur-like coat? It’s the Tent Caterpillar. Sometimes reaching 5 inches long this insect common to Alberta can be nothing shy of annoying.

Calgary Pest Management team at One Man and a Lady Bug explain that the Tent Caterpillar is well known in the province – and for all the wrong reasons.  Living in deciduous trees like trembling aspens, oaks, ash, maple and birch, the Tent Caterpillar can quickly strip the tree of its leaves, causing extensive defoliation and weakening of a trees system.  Repeated defoliation over two to three years weakens a tree to the point that it becomes very susceptible to other environmental stresses, such as lack of water and bug infestation.  When trees are under constant stress they become easy prey to anopportunistic bugand the growth of the tree is also hampered due to the loss of branches and twigs.The Tent Caterpillar is the culprit for the decline in Aspen trees across Alberta.

How To Spot Tent Caterpillars

Tent Caterpillars are easy to spot thanks to a characteristic white stripe down the back.  It isn’t an actual stripe, but a series of white dots that resemble a stripe from a distance.  Basking together to raise their metabolic rate – these caterpillars literally explode on to the scene in early spring and can quickly strip a tree of all foliage.  Though the tree is not at risk of immediate disease or death – repeated defoliations does increase the trees risk of permanent damage – and leafless trees can become an eyesore for any proud homeowner.  However, once the outbreak of Tent Caterpillars is controlled a tree is able to recover within a month or two of the original foraging – so calling a Calgary Pest Control company as soon as possible is essential to protecting the health of trees and removing the damaging source.

Calgary Pest Control

One Man and a Lady Bug are a Calgary Pest Control company that provides residential, commercial and landscape pest control and extermination.  Spraying of trees that are infested with Tent Caterpillars not only prevents further damage to trees but stops the spread of caterpillars throughout a yard or recreational area.

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