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Pests To Look Out For This Summer

Summer is upon us – toasty days and lazy warm evenings hanging out on the deck.  But there are a few things that can really ruin a summer day – one being rain – and the other the unwanted distraction of summertime pests.

Calgary Pest Control Experts
The main point to remember is that you don’t have to go it alone!  Calgary Pest Management teams are armed and ready to restore tranquility and peace to your back yard and residence – enabling you to soak up the summertime fun without worrying about Flies, Wasps, Bees, Ants and Mosquitoes.  Summer doesn’t just bring one little pest to annoy the dickens out of us – it provides a variety of critters from fliers to crawlers – all focused on causing mayhem and driving homeowners to madness.

Ants and Mosquitoes
Ants and Mosquitoes are probably the most common summertime pests.  Though very different in nature and habits these two small pests certainly bring a large amount of headaches to those dealing with bites, stings and unwanted indoor presence.  Not only can these pests bring about allergic reactions to those unfortunate enough to get bitten (including pets) but if left to their own devices ants can chew their way through a home.  Removing containers and puddles of stagnant water from around your home and business will help keep mosquitoes away and prevent the emergence of offspring.  Steps to keep ants from marching in to your home include the rinsing of containers before putting them outside in recycling bins and keeping bins a good distance from your home – filling in any cracks or openings around doors and windows – and removing all enticers like messy floors, dishes in the sink and traces of food on countertops.  Prevention is the best way to keep unwanted pests out of your home and away from your body.

Wasps and Bees
Our previous blog highlighted the importance of exercising extreme caution when around a colony of bees or wasps.  Venom from stings can be fatal with one to two percent of the population capable of fatal reactions and another five percent who experience extreme reactions to stings.  Even thinking about removing a nest is not advisable – just call the experts to come and safely secure the nest.

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