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The Connection Between Fall Weather and Mosquito Activity

Connection Between Fall Weather and Mosquito Activity

As we experience some cooler August mornings, you may notice that mosquito activity begins to accelerate in the nearing fall season. The connection between fall weather and mosquito activity isn’t a new discovery as they can become more of a nuisance as the weather cools. Mosquitoes prefer cooler temperatures as opposed to the summer heat!

The “Mosquito Season” Myth

It feels like every year we’re dealing with mosquitoes as the weather cools off and we’re asking ourselves “But I thought mosquito season was over!” The truth is mosquitoes flourish during spring, summer and fall. Some species will lay eggs in the cooler months and they will lie dormant over winter. If it’s warm enough for them to breed and hatch, they’ll be interrupting our outdoor and indoor activities as often as they can.

Are Mosquitoes More Active In Fall?

If you’ve noticed you and your family are suffering from more mosquito bites than usual, that could be caused by you seeking the cooler morning and dusk temperatures to go for walks or spend time outdoors. The mosquitoes are doing the same thing! They prefer cooler temperatures and this causes them to gather in shady areas near water and dense foliage when it’s hot out. Just as fall weather is a comfortable relief from the summer intensity for us, it is for the mosquito too.

Tips to Prevent Mosquitoes

– Remove standing water, such as bird baths, when possible.
– Clean out and clear gutters to prevent water retention.
– Cut back plant growth around the foundation of your home for less shelter access.
– Replace all worn or torn weather stripping and window screens.
– Remove leaf clutter and debris from your yard.
Hire a professional to help you determine weak prevention areas and get started on a routine to keep your yard and home safe.

Mosquitoes are a nuisance and can carry disease and illness. If you notice an increase in mosquito activity in your yard, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Though there are steps you can take to prevent mosquitoes, it’s always a good idea to bring in professional help!