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Are House Spiders Dangerous?

A brown recluse spider is crawling on the floor, and it's not a dangerous spider to have at home.

There are 628 species of spiders in Alberta. Many types remain exclusively outdoors. Of those that migrate inside, you may wonder, are house spiders dangerous? The answer is no. Most house spiders only bite in self-defense and few cause more trouble than a bee sting or mosquito bite. Though these eight-legged arthropods are generally harmless, they are often unwelcome in our homes. Spiders make some people anxious and others fearful (arachnophobia). Following is information to help you identify harmless and harmful species and ideas on how to prevent and/or control spider infestations in your home.

Wolf Spiders

The reclusive wolf spider may be found in your basement. These small/medium-sized brown arachnids are unsociable and rarely bite humans. If you happen to be bitten, you may experience itching and a bit of swelling. 

Web-Weaving Spiders

Web-weaving spiders (also known as orb weavers) are generally harmless but their webs are unsightly when found above your door or in the corner of your room. Destroying their webs and keeping your home clean will discourage them from taking up residence. 

Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders can be recognized by their distinct jumping motion. Though they are not venomous, a bite from one of these small critters can cause itching, swelling, stinging, and redness. A cold compress is of assistance. 

Cellar Spiders

Harmless cellar spiders (also called daddy-long-legs) build their webs in cool, damp corners. To avoid an infestation, remove any visible webs and reduce the humidity of your home. 

Brown Recluse Spiders

These nocturnal creatures like to hide in dark places and are sometimes found in storage areas of a home. Though they only bite in self-defense, their nip causes fever, itching, nausea, and muscle pain. Thankfully, they are not native to Alberta so you’ll only encounter them if they are accidentally imported.

Are House Spiders Dangerous?

If you see spiders and/or their webs in your home, should you be concerned? Are house spiders dangerous for humans? No, they’re not! Common house spiders do not transmit diseases and rarely bite people. Most are shy and nocturnal, avoiding humans by running away and only biting if they feel they are in danger.

Spider Control And Prevention

Though they are not harmful and rarely bite people, spiders are generally unwelcome in our homes. Following are some techniques for discouraging spiders from entering and/or living in your house. 

  • Keep Your Home Clean And Repaired: To discourage arachnids from moving into your home, vacuum and dust regularly. Pay particular attention to corners and seldom-used areas. Remove debris from around your home. Seal cracks in windows and/or doors and keep screens in good repair. 
  • Utilize Essential Oils: Discourage spiders from taking up residence by placing peppermint, tea tree, lavender, cinnamon, and/or rose essential oil in a spray bottle with water and apply this solution to the corners of your home. An essential oil diffuser also works to distribute these scents throughout your house.
  • Try Chemical Control: Removal of spiders through the use of chemicals is not recommended as spiders are efficient, natural pest controllers, eating roaches, mosquitoes, earwigs, flies, and clothes moths. If an infestation is so severe that you must resort to chemical control, registered products can be found in garden centers and hardware stores. Apply them on the exterior of door and window frames, floors, baseboards and in crevices and closets. 

When Should You Enlist Professional Help?

If these methods are not aggressive enough to control your spider infestation, call a reputable pest control company. They have the knowledge, tools, experience, and expertise to deal with spiders of all kinds and amounts.  

Having trouble with spiders in your home? Think you have venomous arachnids in your house? Call One Man and a Ladybug. We value the safety of your family, your pets, and the environment. We can help you eliminate/control pest infestations. Contact us for all your residential pest control needs.